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U.S. President Bill Clinton — Check Out Video Here! – who used to eat McDonalds hamburgers in front of the press — has turned to a plant-based diet and now drinks almond milk smoothies!

1 c. berries of choice
2 cups spinach, packed into cup
1 tsp Leafy Greens (by AIM)
1 apple, chopped
1 scoop whey protein vanilla (by Biochem)
1 c. Coconut Kefir or almond milk
.5 cup water (optional)
Liquid flavored stevia (vanilla) to taste.
1 cup ice (or less)

Directions: Blend together and enjoy.

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Dr. William Howard Hay, pioneer of the food combining diet, graduated from the University of New York in 1891.  Diagnosed with a host of ailments, including high blood pressure, heart difficulty and Bright’s disease, Dr. Hay decided to treat his conditions with DIET MODIFICATIONS. The various methods he employed became catalysts for a diet revolution and a proactive approach to health.

He discovered that certain food combinations set the stage for health complications, diseases, and weight gain.  He experimented with food combining and noted certain foods supported proper digestion and metabolic function.  His principles were intended to encourage optimum health, and are emerging again as a means to BURN FAT and AIDE WEIGHT LOSS.

Dr. Hay found that proper food combination can help you lose two to three pounds each week.  Learn how to practice this affective weight loss technique – make a request to get our plan. Click on Ask Sarah and post in want Food Combining Diet for 15.95.

E-book with complete program will be available in July.

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