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1. My purpose in seeking Food Beautiful assistance is to establish a healthy lifestyle and nutritional program that supports the body so it may have optimal health and wellness.  I acknowledge that health and wellness is a state of optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or symptoms.  I understand the importance of nutrition and the benefits of dietary supplements to health and disease prevention and that there is scientific documentation on the significant effects on overall health. I understand that the human body has the innate wisdom to heal, repair and rebalance itself when supported by appropriate lifestyles and nutritional components. I further understand that sometimes changes in diet and lifestyle are uncomfortable and may have negative results or effects on the body.  With that understanding in mind I seek Food Beautiful assistance for promoting and encouraging overall health and well being. I believe Food Beautiful and Sarah King have my best interests in mind and are working with me to help me become more aware of my own health and the choices I make.

2. I understand that Sarah King is not a licensed medical practitioner, only a nutritional consultant, and that she does not diagnose, treat, cure or make any recommendations concerning the treatment of disease conditions.  I recognize she does not make any medical claims and that making lifestyle and nutritional changes are not treatment.  I also understand that any lifestyle and nutritional recommendations Sarah makes are not to replace or conflict with the sound advice of my medical physician or health care professional.   Any diet or supplement suggestions will be considered as recommendations which I feel are in my best interest.  It is my choice to use Food Beautiful services to benefit me.  Food Beautiful and Sarah King are not liable for any damages or illnesses that may occur during or after services have been completed.

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