Ion Detox Foot Bath

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Detoxify your body

Reduce stress

Increase energy

Optimize nutrition and health

Improve the body’s ability to heal itself





1 Ion Detox Foot Bath session- $45.

4 Pack Ion Detox Foot Bath – $160

6 Pack  Ion Detox Foot Bath –   $222


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The major increase in cancers, heart disease, and birth defects over the last twenty years are directly related to the toxic environment in which we live. Logically speaking, the ongoing process of detoxification using the Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath will reduce the incidence of chronic disease while improving the overall quality of one’s life.

How does Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath work?

The Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath uses a direct current, originating from a wall plug, to perform electrolysis on the water. Low power DC electricity flows through the electrode system that is placed in the foot bath. The electricity and metal array split the water molecules and create ions, which travel through the body, neutralizing oppositely charged particles. The toxins are then released from the lymphatic system through the pores of the feet.

Why Detoxify Using the Ion Detox Foot Bath?

Additional waste comes with improved functioning that must be eliminated from the body through the cleansing organs. Today, detoxification is more important today, than ever before. Today’s environment is the most polluted in all of earth’s recorded history. With this said, our bodily systems are assaulted by these toxins including toxins ingested in the food we eat, water we drink, and the air we breathe.


Areas of the body that will be cleansed and detoxified using Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath:

Detox Color Chart

  • Kidney
  • Bladder
  • Joints
  • Liver
  • Cellular Debris
  • Tobacco
  • Gallbladder
  • Lymphatic System
  • Female/Prostate Area
  • Urinary Tract
  • Heavy Metals
  • Blood Clots


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Testimonials for Using Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath:

“My once swollen ankles are now normal size after six treatments. They tend to retain fluid when I am under stress but one or two treatments using the Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath bring them back to normal size.”

–  Ellen Zimmer, Spring Valley, Wisconsin


Leave Feeling Clean

“After care giving for my mom for 5 years, my body was a mess. I did what I thought was adequate to support my immune system, but it wasn’t working. The wake up call was, having severe sinus infections and bronchitis every 2-4 months for the last year.  The Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath has made an enormous difference. I’m thinking more clearly, have more energy, and the bounce is back in my step. I had forgotten what it was like to be my old self. This is the best thing I’ve done for my health in years. Before using the Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath now I would my brain was to foggy to compose a clearly written letter, because of Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath my mind is clear, I have more energy and I feel younger. The Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath fantastic!!!”









Karen Babcock, Denver, Co