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Pure Aussie Minerals


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Aussie Trace Minerals

Aussie Trace Minerals™ is one of the most nutrient dense liquid Trace Mineral supplements available. It comes naturally packed full of Magnesium and other essential major and trace minerals. There is an amazing 750mg of ionic minerals in every 1/2 teaspoon serving.

Minerals and trace elements – Absolutely essential!

Aussie Trace Minerals™ is a Super Concentrated “Full Complex” Ionic Trace Mineral Solution sourced from the purest Ocean water off the Southern Coast of Australia.  Solar concentrated, and harvested at the source, Aussie Trace Minerals is one of nature’s best sources of Major and Trace Elements in their most bioavailable form.  Aussie Trace Minerals is rich in Magnesium, low in Sodium and comes naturally loaded with over 70 different Major and Trace Minerals.

Where have the minerals gone?

Our soil was once fertile and rich in the elements of the earth, easily providing all the macro and trace minerals required to support plant growth and the abundance of nutrients that they give us.  Erosion, over eons of time has not been kind to our earth, gradually depleting our soils of essential minerals and trace elements.  This situation has only been made many times worse with contemporary agricultural practices, which have stripped our soils of their minerals and trace elements.  Today much of our soils have been depleted of these essential minerals and trace elements.  Consequently, agriculture today is dependent on a frightening number of inputs including synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals.  If your food is grown in soils that are deficient in these essential major and trace minerals, then it’s safe to assume that your food carries the same deficiencies.

Ionic Minerals.

Due to its solvent properties, water breaks minerals down into their free ionic state where they become active and electrically charged (electrolytes).  Water is also the medium used by the body for transporting nutrients in the cells and for the chemical reactions of cellular metabolism to take place.  Minerals and Trace Elements play an irreplaceable role in the biological functionality of the human body, and without minerals life would not be possible as they are the building blocks for teeth, bones, tissue, muscles and organs, and are required for blood formation and hormonal production.  Every chemical reaction, every thought, and every heartbeat in the body is dependent on minerals and trace elements.

Our Oceans The Perfect Source

We use Ocean water as our source because it is Natures perfect electrolyte solution.  Ocean water comes ready made containing every naturally occurring mineral and trace element in both safe and viable concentrations.  Pure Ocean water is gathered into ponds where it is solar evaporated, as the Ocean water concentrates, high levels of sodium naturally fall out of solution. The resulting solution is one that is low in sodium, rich in Magnesium, and packed full with the very same major and trace minerals as found in Ocean water.  It’s Natures Electrolyte!!!

It’s naturally packed with Magnesium too.

Aussie Trace Minerals™ comes naturally packed with ionized Magnesium, every ½ teaspoon serving contains over 200mg of this bio-essential element.  In it’s ionized state it is it is more bio-available than in food, or any other compound found in tablet form.

Safe, effective and easy to take.

Aussie Trace Minerals™ is low in Sodium and rich in the “FULL COMPLEX” of essential trace minerals.  Aussie Trace Minerals™ is safe, convenient and easy to take in juice or water.  Use as directed or simply add 20-30 drops per quart (liter) depending on your own taste preferences.  Aussie Trace Minerals™ should be your first choice for Ionic Minerals

These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease


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