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Water Purification Pitcher


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The Wellness Carafe gives you clean, refreshing water in a portable pitcher design. Uses a multi-stage filter cartridge to reduce Chlorine, Lead, and other harmful contaminants from your water through gravity filtration. After water is filtered it passes through Wellness’ enhancement media which adds trace alkaline minerals to the water for a unique taste that can only be found with the Wellness Carafe.

* Improves taste and quality of water
* Reduces by 99.9% Chlorine, Lead, and THMs, parasites and bacteria
* Enhances water with Wellness Technology
* Removes hormones found in water

System Details

The Wellness Carafe has a 2.2 liter reservoir which allows it to hold significantly more filtered water than your standard pitcher device. Cartridges are CSA Certified to reduce Chlorine and Lead for 40 Gallons (150 liters) which on average is 3 months of use. Replacement cartridges come in packs of 3 (approximately 9 months filter life per pack)



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