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B.A.L.E.R.T – 150 capsules


Do you feel burned-out mentally, stressed out, and physically exhausted? B-A.L.E.R.T could be just what you need to combat these conditions. You need this unique blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs designed to give you back the nutrients that your body burns up during times of stress and overwork. So whether you are driving long haul and need a supplement that is D.O.T. safe, or working on your computer and need to extend your concentration and focus, you need

B-A.L.E.R.T! Try B-A.L.E.R.T and get back up to speed both mentally and physically.


150 lbs or less 1-2 capsules Breakfast and Lunch

150 lbs + 2 caps capsules Breakfast and Lunch

Don’t take 3-4 hours before bed

Each capsule contains


Each capsule contains:

Kola Nut Berries
stimulant to central nervous system, vasodilator, mild diuretic helps to metabolize the free fatty acids, increases energy
Wood Betony
tones blood vessels, tones and strengthens the nervous system, good for nerve pain, headaches, improves circulatory system
Yerba Mate Leaf
stimulates the mind, cardio-tonic, vasodilator, cleanses blood anti-aging effects, fights free radicals, tonic to overall body
Ginkgo Biloba Extract
powerful antioxidant; great for your brain, eyes, and heart; helps boost circulation, strengthen long and short-term memory, and improve concentration.
Eleuthro Root Extract
adaptogen, balances blood pressure, tonic, stimulant, helps build resistance to disease, increases energy
Gota Kola
slowly builds mental stamina and neural health, appears to strengthen and energize the brain, decreases fatigue and depression
promotion of various excretory organ activities, enhances immune system, antibiotic action, detoxifier to the system
contains pain relieving Capsaicin; provides support for proper digestion; aids in supporting circulatory health; may reduce risk of heart attack; may help boost energy

In a base of vitamins and minerals

Amount %USRDA
B-1 Thiamine 34mg 2262%
B-2 Riboflavin 34mg 1996%
B-3 Niacinamide 34mg 170%
B-6 Pyridoxine HCL 34mg 1700%
B-12 Cobalanne 34mcg 565%
Biotin 34mcg 11%
Folic Acid 68mcg 16%
B 5 Cal Pant 34mg 340%
Choline Bitartrate 16mg 154%
Inositol 34mg 340%
Paramino Benzoic Acid 34mg 340%
Vitamin C Ascorbic Acid 51mg 85%
Calcium Phosphate 51mg 5%
Di Calcium Oxide 68mg 7%
Magnesium Oxide 20mg 6%
Iron(Ferrous Fumerate) 7mg 68%
Copper(Gluconate) 1360mcg 68%
Zinc Oxide 8mg 50%
Potassium Iodide 102mcg 67%



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My Happy Pill – B-Alert

My Happy Pill – B-Alert

To many of my clients, B-alert supports positive thinking, mental clarity, increased well being and motivation to live up to their full potential.  Personally, this product makes me work better! Which means more revenue and more time spent with my family. There has not been a day that goes by that this has not proven true.

Here is some fascinating data on B Vitamins:

B2 reduces headaches & migrains.

B3 helps increase energy and DNA repair.

B6 Helps relieve PMS and increase seratonin levels.

B12 improves memory and reverse mental fogginess.

Biotin reduces food/sweet cravings.

Inositol helpful for depression and anxiety attacks.

Aside from the B vitamins in B-Alert this supplement contains several other energy and mood enhancing herbs, not to mention a whole lot of other health benefits, perfect for fending off winter blues: Kola nut berries are a stimulant to the central nervous system and increase energy. Wood betony improves the circulatory system. Yerba mate leaf stimulates the mind, fights free radicals, and is a tonic to the body overall. Ginkgo biloba extract helps strengthen short and long-term memory and improve concentration. Eleuthro root extract is a stimulant, helps build resistance to disease, and increases energy. Gota kola builds mental stamina, strengthens and energizes the brain, and decreases fatigue and depression. Garlic enhances the immune system and detoxifies the body. Finally, cayenne aids in supporting circulatory health.

There are a lot of additional health benefits not mentioned. Try it out for two weeks and see if you feel the difference.

How to Get B-Alert

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Toxic Splenda (Sucralose) In Every Day Food!

To make sucralose or Splenda, three chlorine molecules are added to a sucrose or sugar molecule.  The chemical process alters the sugar so much that it creates a fructo-galactose molecule. This type of molecule does not occur in nature, so the human body can not properly metabolize it, which makes it a zero calorie sweetener. At least 15% of Splenda is not excreted from your body in a timely manner.  The molecular structure of Splenda bears remarkable resemblance to that of pesticides, and chlorine is a carcinogen. Some unhealthy chemicals used to create Splenda include the following:
1. Acetone
2. Acetic acid
3. Acetyl alcohol
4. Acetic anhydride
5. Ammonium chloride
6. Benzene
7. Chlorinated sulfates
8. Ethyl alcohol
9. Isobutyl ketones
10. Formaldehyde
11. Hydrogen chloride
12. Lithium chloride
13. Methanol
14. Sodium methoxide
15. Sulfuryl chloride
16. Trityl chloride
17. Toluene
18. Thionyl chloride
Although manufacturing guidelines specify limits on these substances, these ingredients don’t have to be reported. Side effects include seizures, allergic reactions, migraines, dizziness, increases in blood sugar, weight gain, blurred vision, reducing the beneficial bacteria in your gut, increasing the PH level in your intestines, and gastrointestinal issues.
Our recommendation is to use sweeteners that are found in nature:
Coconut nectar, stevia, maple syrup or raw honey.
You can find reasons and recipes for using these types of sweeteners at
Click here to see all US products that contain sucralose…Scary!!
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