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Personalized Services

Initial Consultation for First Time Patients

Health history evaluation,  QXeductor Biofeedback Test & Report, Custom Food Remedy, Supplement Protocol, Cover Health Plan, 20 min. Circulation Therapy, 20 min. Red Light Therapy


PEMF Circulation Therapy

PEMF (Bemer) therapy to increase and mobilize the immune system, decrease inflammation, increase blood circulation, improve energy and performance.

Sarah's book "Health Search & Rescue"

7 steps to transform your “dis-ease” into “vibrant health”

Follow Up Session

Reassess Progress, Retest w/ QX Eductor, Update Food Remedies and Supplement Protocol, 20 min. Bemer Therapy, 20 min. Red Light Therapy

90-Minute Follow Up

This session has everything the 60-minute follow-up session has but with QX Eductor Therapy on your health problem.

Red Light Therapy

Using Red and Near Infrared to treat injuries, support mood, reduce pain, relax muscles, increase blood flow and lift brain fog.

Micronutrient Test

Scientifically based micronutrient evaluation testing minerals, amino acids, and vitamins, so you can accurately supplement and feel vibrant again. From Spectra ™ cell.  





Saving of $129



Saving of $188



Saving of $212

Bemer/biofeedback Therapy


This is a try-fold combination service using targeted nutritional (herbs and foods) alongside Bemer and Biofeedback therapeutic technology. All three modes are administered at the same time allowing the body to clear out problematic health conditions. We have successfully used it for infertility, chronic fatigue, low thyroid/adrenal function, liver issues, broken bones, soft tissue injuries, diseases of the eye, digestive disorders, cognitive issues, dyslexia, cancer, and more.


Bemer Therapy Session


The Bemer increases microcirculation which signals your blood in your capillaries moving from a sticky stagnant to flowing like a rushing River supplying hire revolutions of blood to tissue that has an adequate supply.


10 PACK $400

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