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Excerpt from Chapter 5 of Food Beautiful Book:

Rotting garbage does not belong in your body, so why eat it? Fermentation and digestive genocide, which increase your risk of major cellular damage, are the result of poor food combining. When fast-digesting foods get backed up behind slower digesting foods and they begin to rot, turning into toxic gases that the body somehow must release, the side-effects are numerous: gas, belching, allergies, disease, obesity and bloating. Many health practitioners have found that freedom from these issues is proper food combining.

Food combining is based on the premise that various foods are broken down and absorbed using different digestive enzymes and then metabolized in different areas of the digestive tract. For example, simple carbohydrates will ferment in the gut while the stomach is busy digesting proteins. This creates the perfect environment for disease and chronic fatigue. The solution to satisfying your weight and health goals is using the food combining technique.

You may already be eating all organic plant-based foods and still have problems. If foods are improperly combined, digestion can take up to eight hours to complete, whereas when properly combined it only takes about three hours. Save your energy for working, playing, thinking, detoxifying, and healing instead of digesting. Proper food combining also promotes a more energetic, mentally acute, emotionally stable individual who can handle stress more appropriately. Since digestion can cause oxidative damage and stress on the entire body, it would be logical to omit the garbage that forms through the process of eating. Add this technique and see the difference within one day.

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