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Health Search & Rescue – 7 principles to permanent whole body health.

This manual contains remedies for those seeking a low cost effective plan to achieve detoxification, weight loss, and disease elimination – free of allergies and physical maladies. We know that insurance and doctor bills are doubling each year, crippling thousands. Save time and take charge of your whole body health. Learn the proven techniques and solutions that will rescue your health – No doctors, medicine or drastic dieting required.

Finally! A proven method that seamlessly weaves together a tapestry of powerful modalities.

  • Overcome toxic mindsets and behaviors
  • Drink an Shower with the Right Purified water
  • Properly Cleanse The Body – Flush Away Toxins
  • Consume Healing Foods – Avoid Deceptive Foods
  • Practice Food Combining and Heal Thyself
  • Methods to Exercise and Breathe with Intention
  • Make Simply Marvelous Recipes From Food Beautiful

Join thousands who have found the recipe to health freedom – through the food beautiful program.


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